Is your chimney causing you problems? Whether you're looking for a minor repair or complete deconstruction and reconstruction, we've got you covered!

  • The Crest team offers a wide range of chimney services, including:
  • Chimney repair and restoration
  • Chimney deconstruction
  • Chimney flue installation
  • General maintenance
  • Cowl and cap installation
  • Chimney liner installation
  • Burner stove installation
  •  Chimney construction

Chimney Repair

A chimney in need of repair can be more than just an inconvenience; it can cause substantial issues such as water leaks and, in some cases, total chimney collapse. At Crest, we offer chimney reconstruction/deconstruction, leak repair, brick repair and more. To book a site survey and get a free quote give us a call today.

Crown and Cap Repair

The chimney crown or cap protect the bricks and mortar from moisture. The team at Crest can resurface or reseal damaged chimney crowns/caps and replace them entirely if the damage is beyond repair. Repairing and damage on your cap/crown is essential to avoid any further structural damage that might evolve if the problem is left untreated.


Severe weather and general wear and tear can cause your chimney's mortar joints to deteriorate. Chimney repointing improves the longevity of your chimney, restoring any damaged or decaying mortar to prevent further damage to the chimney’s interior. The team at Crest team can re-point deteriorating chimney joints, improving the chimney structural integrity and overall appearance.

Pots and Flaunching

Chimney pots and flaunching are susceptible to deteriorate over time, especially in the unpredictable weather conditions of the South Wales Valleys. Damaged chimney flaunching can loosen chimney pots, which may over time can break free and crack. The skilled team at Crest can repair or replace chimney pots and flaunching efficiently, preventing any further damage to your home.

Removal & Deconstruction

Whether your chimney is beyond repair, or you simply no longer need it, we can assist. Modern heating technology has meant fireplaces and chimneys have become redundant in many homes. We are specialists in chimney deconstruction and removal, providing a quick, efficient service with minimal disruption to you.

Construction & Rebuilding

Deconstructing your current chimney and constructing a new chimney may sound daunting and expensive! However, in cases of severe damage it can be the most cost-effective and efficient solution. Should your chimney require numerous repairs, removal and rebuilding may be the best option. The Crest team offer complete chimney rebuilds as well as partial chimney rebuilds, tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Get in touch today to discuss your situation and receive a free quote.

South Wales Chimney Services

If you require any of the chimney services mentioned above or have other chimney-related needs, don't hesitate to contact the Crest team today. We're here to help! Get your free, no-obligation quote by calling 0800 246 1182 or using our simple contact form.

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